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C.but had always been prevented by something. She acknowledged that she had been leading a very dissipated life, and I should think her very wicked and very thoughtless; but, notwithstanding that, she thought a great deal, and, among other things, that she should vastly like to see me. We have been several black sheep song squadron theme here already, wrote she. We have not a black sheep song squadron theme friend with us, and are likely to be very dull. You know I never had a fancy for living with my husband like two turtles in a nest, were he the most delightful creature that ever wore a coat; so do take pity upon me and come. I suppose your Midsummer holidays commence in June, the same as other peoples; therefore you cannot plead want of time; and you must and shall come-in fact, I shall die if you dont. I want you to visit me as a friend, and stay a long time.
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